“Our greatest strength is to work with our clients in a personalized way by making intelligent decisions together for the future of their companies, providing a collaborative and strategic vision for the growth and development of sustainable and successful business opportunities”.

Marcelo Dominguez Molet
Accrenus Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Accrenus, Master in Industrial Business Management, Bachelor of International Trade with extensive experience in New Business Development, Mergers and Acquisitions with a strong Strategic Vision acquired based on a career in the corporate world and as an independent consultant that includes,
  • Contributor in the process of Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances and Complementation Agreements in the privatizations of companies in the Argentine state and in the internationalization of the Argentine Steel Sector.
  • After more than 20 years in the corporate world he founded Accrenus, where he drives processes of Merges, Acquisitions and Industrial Complementation Agreements.
  • As CEO, he has been adding value to his clients, from start-ups to large companies, in multiple sectors such as Automotive, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Renewable Energies, Shipping, where he participates in various projects, looking for investors, setting up joint ventures, analyzing acquisitions.
  • He is an International Negotiator. Acts negotiating international trade disputes intra Mercosur. He reached agreements of voluntary restriction of international trade between productive sectors (VARs).
  • In the year 2016 he founded Accrenergy, dedicated to generating business in Renewable Energies.
  • Representative of the private sector in the negotiation of the Mercosur agreement with the European Union
  • Maintains outstanding institutional participation in:
    • AFAC Vice President of Autoparts Association of Argentina (2004 / present)
    • Mercoparts Board Member and Co-Founder (2006 / Present)
    • UIA Member of the Board of Directors of Unión Industrial Argentina (2010 Actualidad)
    • UIPBA Member Executive Committee Union Industrial Province of Buenos Aires (2017 / Present)
    • ACDE Counselor Christian Association of Business Leaders (2010 / Present)
    • Capinaval President Chamber Suppliers Naval Industry (2006/2008)
    • FINA Member Presidency Committee Federation of Naval Industry (2006/2008)
    • Creer y Crecer Foundation and Grupo Unidos del Sud Investigador Foundation (2002/2003)
    • ADIMRA Vice President of the Association of Metallurgical Industrialists (1999/2001)

Corporate Background

He entered the Techint Organization as a Young Professional at the age of 22.
Participated in the process of Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances and Complementation Agreements that the Techint Organization faced in its global development.
First, in the privatizations of companies in the Argentine state, and later in the globalization of the Tubos and Planos areas until 2006.
He was part of the task-force that Siderca sent to Mexico to take control of Tamsa, with whom he made his first Strategic Alliance in 1993, the beginning of what Tenaris is today. He participated in the due diligence of Sidor in Venezuela in 1998, Siderar’s first international acquisition on its path of expansion to the current Ternium.
From the Vice Presidency of the Tubes area, he managed the defense of Dumping and CVD in the USA and the Defense of Internal Markets in Mexico, Italy and Argentina.
In 2000 he was part of the Presidency of the Techint Organization.
In 2003 to 2006, from the Planning Department of Siderar, he carried out the beginnings of the Program to support SMEs, clients and suppliers of Techint, which later became known as ProPymes. Carried out diagnostics of the mining, auto parts, capital goods and Naval Industry value chain.
Representative of the automotive private sector in the Mercosur-European Union negotiation and agreement.
Member of the Argentine Steel sector at the IISI economy committee in the EU.