Accrenus provides Innovative solutions to customers searching to diversify and optimize their business processes in the international market.


Accrenus is a global company that was born in 2006 from the committed vocation of its founder; who after acquiring knowledge and experience for more than two decades in the corporate world, decides to share it through Accrenus, providing innovative solutions to companies seeking to diversify and optimize their business processes around the world.


To be leaders in Business Development, Management and realization processes of M&A, Strategic Alliances and Industrial Complementation Agreements that enables sustainable development in time for their business clients.


To transform the knowledge and experience of Accrenus´s team into success for its clients, articulating a long-term strategic plan projecting benefits and prosperity for the companies involved and the community through the creation of employment and added value.


Transparency, Loyalty, Integrity, Commitment, Tenacity and Professionalism.

Passionate about growth

Accrenus challenges you to navigate our website to understand why we define ourselves as passionate about growth. In Accrenus we feel that accompanying the growth of our clients with vocation, tenacity and commitment is our real Passion.

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Gain access to Strategic Alliances and to our expertise in M&A, Greenfield Investments and Start-ups. Develop Industrial and Commercial Agreements with local and International companies. Manage Logistics and Fluvial Transport. Design Real Estate projects into Impact Investments. Active Actions in Dumping cases, Arbitration between Companies and Vertical Integrity Programs.

Corporate & Founder's Background

Marcelo Dominguez Molet

To transform the knowledge and experience of Accrenus´s team into success for its clients

Strategic Alliances are the goal to add value and innovation technology to the growth of your company.

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