Energy Solutions

Accrenus, aligned with the challenge that nowadays most countries increasingly face: pushing towards sustainable businesses and improving their environmental performances, has founded Accrenergy. A business unit focused on providing customers with energy-related, cost-effective solutions to comply with increasing governmental requirements.

Accrenergy encourages the creation of programs aimed at achieving tailored renewable energy infrastructures. For decades, core countries have been working in this direction, and have materialized heavy investments with great results in sustainability. Emerging countries are just beginning to see the world of renewable energies as a viable cost-effective option, especially when requiring a greater amount of energy sources to enable their industrial and economic development.

Accrenergy provides comprehensive technical, financial and commercial advice. It has the ability through its network of strategic partners to provide the necessary know-how in order to successfully tailor projects and solutions for each client, in fields related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. With the input from field experts throughout the whole Supply Chain, Accrenergy has the ability to support customers by offering an integral approach identifying every cost reduction opportunity.
Accrenergy has the ability to provide reliable and efficient renewable energy solutions based on state of the art technology from engineering, design, financing and construction up to operation and maintenance.

Global companies are driving the demand for renewable energy as part of their risk management programs. We know that right now less capital is required to carry out renewable energy projects as a result of a rapid decline in prices of renewable equipment, Accrenergy believe that now it’s a great opportunity to start on these alternative sources of energy supply.